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The What

What do you (wanna) say?


Or, what do you want the customers to think, feel and remember?

- and is that the same?

Do you tell the story that is important to you - or the story important to your customers?




For you it would most likely be most important to know - how MsTory can make your life/work better and easier. What makes MsTory special and why you should trust MsTory with your money and your brand. That is the story you find here...

For MsTory it would be nice to tell you about the values and the ...but would be a mistake would be to think that what you find in the

                  box below. 

Many companies tell the story that everything they do is for the customers...when the truth is that it's purely for the sake of the stakeholders. Do they think the customers are stupid? What would they do if it was for the sake of the customers...or they actually was open about the need of earning money?

Do you see the difference?

The Difference

It’s important that MsTory is seen as a sympatric, creative, intelligent and relevant agency that truly understands the very fine line between humour and hard work.


It’s important to be seen as respectful, empathic and known for the way of understanding people and their minds.


It is important not to take ourselves too seriously but on the other hand take the job and the storytelling extremely seriously.

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