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The Reason to Ride
...from the grid to the finish line

Your BRAND STORY is the the most important of the w's - it's the ‘WHY’ of your brand. 

And just like your favorite books and movies’ characters - if you can craft a compelling brand story your audience will develop empathy for you, remember you and ultimately care about you. So it's your purpose (internally and externally) and it's the WHY you are worthy of your customers attention, time, and money.



Are you worthy of your customers ressources - time and money? What difference do you do for them and why? Do your audience know that?

Let MsTory help you define your BRAND STORY and turn it into a compelling story to be remembered and admired. 

That's the power of storytelling!

                                                               ...and the promise from MsTory

skrivemaskine nøgler
Race Track
Checkered Flag




Like the racedriver knows that there's no wins without taking risks. He/she also knows that the better the team, the better preparations, the better understanding of the car, the track and the surroundings - the better the chance of winning and the less risk of mistakes. The communication-lesson is quite alike.

Getting the wrong reputation can ruin your image and brand - and can be extremely hard to fix and build up again. But the damage will be less hurting and easier to heal, if your brand is already loved and cared for by your audience. Then they most likely will be less judgemental and maybe even help you recover. 

Therefore it's too important and way too expensive not to care. Like it's obvious not asking the driver also to change the tires - find a storyteller to tell your stories. 

The Lesson
...on and off the track...
The Change?

Traditional advertising assumes awareness drives interaction - no matter the perception. MsTory disagrees. To affect behavior change you need to reach people who are motivated to act. Motivation is essential in changing behavior - no matter the media. Ads don't work anymore in the traditional way. Content does. Because people experience content. To change behavior, you need to engage people first and let them drop their barriers —through useful, relevant means. You need to build relations, build engagement and to become worthy of your customers attention and sympathy - and ultimately time and money!

That's the power of storytelling!

                                                               ...and the promise from MsTory

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