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The Magic
...from the toolbox

MsTory can work as a "step in" if you are in need of an (extra) press manager, marketing and event manager or CCO. Then MsTory will work on behalf of you and your company. Let's say that you have a brand movie, product presentation or press release that you need help to handle. MsTory can take over everything from the planning to the execution. But MsTory also works as the more traditional agency if preferred, making everything ready for you - just to plug and play. 

From many years in the lead of PR, Communication, Transformation and Strategy in general MsTory easily understands your side of the business and your challenges. And can therefore easily be your consistant on-demand, on-call stand-in. Or the producer or adviser helping you to build your brand and tell your stories. MsTory helps create business value through respectful and honestly advises, strategically sound and conceptually strong holistic solutions by having an empathic, people-oriented and diversity-friendly mindset and being able to see and remove barriers.

MsTory is specialized in creating attention and delivering memorable stories customized creatively to the occasion and the message across a wide range of disciplines... 



“You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless.” Charles de Gaulle


When history meets presence and become the future


 “A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.”

Richard Branson 


Brand matters more than ever. People expect you to stand out and stand for something

The Everything ...and the nothing at all

MsTory build, amplify and sustain reputation by crafting memorable stories and moments. Whether it's through a masterfully calculated media outreach or a perfectly designed event cocktail napkin – everything and every time it must be with a ‘yes’ to the following questions: Does this reinforce the brand’s image and perception? Will it drive meaningful engagement? And does it align with the brand’s future aspirations?

The List ...and the unlisted

It's all about communication... but no words will be powerful enough if there is no action or the right actions behind it. No strategy can compensate for the mistake by not saying what you mean and mean what you say. MsTory cannot or will not cover unethical behaviour but will happily help you shout out your great stories and make them unhidden tales. 


As you know, we as humans are all are companies and customers...therefore all solutions should be too. Every job done by MsTory will be custom-made, customized and designed for your specific needs.

Therefore it's important to see the list below only as the inspirational and unfinished list of services MsTory can deliver.



A unique brand identity is key to standing out and connecting emotionally. It creates consistency and professionalism through every piece of communication. 

  • Brand identity

  • Brand story

  • Branding campaigns

  • Internal branding



By developing strategically sound concepts rooted in business goals and always based on a deep understanding of the business, the market and the consumers. The DNA of the brand get's visual and understood. 

  • Brand & product strategy

    • Positioning strategy

  • Communication strategy

    • Digital & social strategy



Transforming your story into compelling, newsworthy content. All business is the business of relationships. MsTory's personal relationships with reporters, editors, and publishers will benefit you. MsTory makes sure your products and services will stay top of mind and your executives will be asked for interviews.

  • Press strategy

  • Press events

  • Press photos

  • Press content

    • trend stories

    • expert views

    • customer views

  • Mediahandling and contact



The most crucial touchpoint in any customer journey is one where the customer directly interacts with the brand or product. 


  • Film production

  • Photo production

  • Content production​​

  • Events

  • Exhibitions

  • Tactical campaigns

  • Product launches

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